Second Wave

— Burst archive between α(0aa9:0301:780c:c0a4) and β(0d0e:1117:aa3e:5011) and γ(0d0e:1117:aa3e:6b15) filtered of all sensory tags:

[Burst channel opened]

10522185807+36|α: You wanted something, sir?

70722185807+36|β: At any other time, Kyra… nevermind.  Yes, there’s been an incident.  

41222185807+36|α: Who is this?

01522185807+36|β: She… 

31522185807+36|γ: Ah, Hi.  I’m…

71622185807+36|β: Oh, sorry.  No that’s okay.  She’s a niece of mine who I will be sending to and then with you.  Her name isn’t important.

31722185807+36|γ: [Nods]

02422185807+36|α: Sending?  Where?  And for what?

62622185807+36|β: You’ve not heard?

52722185807+36|α: No.

42922185807+36|β: Not long ago, the northeastern seaboard was hit by a surprise tidal wave.

33422185807+36|α: What?

43522185807+36|β: A wave… and Boston is dark to us.

73822185807+36|α: Oh, for God’s sake!  You want me to check on the labs, don’t you.

34222185807+36|β: That’s right.

44322185807+36|α: Holy sour hell.

14622185807+36|β: We can swing you cruiser for this.  We’ll be grateful if you can be on site by sunrise.

15122185807+36|α: Fine.

05222185807+36|α: [terminates connection]

55522185807+36|γ: Um…

45622185807+36|β: No, it’s okay.  She’s just like that.  The job will get done.  I’ve already sent a yacht to your estate.

00323185807+36|γ: Okay.  What will I be doing?  What’s going to happen?

30623185807+36|β: Watch… and give me your senses where appropriate.

21023185807+36|γ: Alright.

51123185807+36|β: Alright?

31223185807+36|γ: [nods]

11323185807+36|α: Good girl.

[Burst channel closed]