First Wave

— Burst archive between α(0d10:0210:001a:0ffc) and β(0d10:0210:06c8:2b99) filtered of all sensory tags:

[Burst channel opened]

23141171207+36|α: Hey!

71842171207+36|α: Hello?

02045171207+36|β: Sorry, was in the coffee room.

32445171207+36|α: Oh!  No problem.  Have you seen the seismic event marked sixteen dash six fifty one

32845171207+36|α: Um

53145171207+36|α: Thirty three seventeen twelve oh seven plus thirty six?

03645171207+36|β: God, I hate how they number these things.  Let me check.

25845171207+36|β: Okay, I see it.  It’s just a one point oh fiver.  So what?

00946171207+36|α: Well, yeah 

31246171207+36|α: But the position.  It’s funny.  Near the George’s Bank.

71746171207+36|β: I guess that’s a little weird but 

61946171207+36|β: Still, it’s a one pointer.

42446171207+36|α: [sigh]

42746171207+36|α: You’re right.

23046171207+36|β: It’s nothing.

14546171207+36|β: Oh, by the way.

45046171207+36|α: Yeah?

25246171207+36|β: Say hi to Janet for me.

35546171207+36|α: Sure.

05846171207+36|β: Thanks.

[Burst channel closed]