Boston Lost

Episode 5 is back! Sorry for the longer than anticipated rewrite. Most of the previous episodes merely got a polishing job, but this one really redid a lot, especially in chapters 23 through 25. Even if you've read these before, you will probably want to again. From here on out, though, this one delay should prevent all future ones. We can hope, no?

Next month should be a big deal seeing as how not only will the 6th episode (opening the second arc/book) be available on august 21st, but I'm also pushing the relatively well polished 1st episode, in its final form to the kindle. There it will cost the minimum that I've heard amazon will charge for these things. The reason the episodes are free here is because a monitor simply isn't the most portable of reading devices, much less as easy on the eyes... and everything here that has yet to be pushed to the kindle (or beyond) can be considered 'in flux.'

Aaannnnyyyyhow... on with it, me!

Please enjoy... and, since people seem dead set on registering accounts, go ahead and comment. I certainly reserve the right to remove anything vulgar or offensive or otherwise only wasting screen space... and while critiques are welcome, make them CONstructive, not DEstructive. I've seen the latter cast toward others and its rarely anything more than slander in disguise.