— Burst archive between α(0d0e:1117:aa3e:5011) and β(88a2:fbf1:6702:b5cc) filtered of all sensory tags:

31154111607+36|α: I’m here, cousin.

61254111607+36|β: Ah, good.  I’d gone senseless for just a few to deal with a personal matter.

21554111607+36|α: No problem.  I didn’t wait long.  How does Europa fare these days?

71754111607+36|β: Are you asking after the tsunami?

31954111607+36|α: I suppose, and more generally as well.

62154111607+36|β: The western shores succumbed, in small part, to erosion… but casualties were very light.

12554111607+36|α: Glad to hear that.  So what was it you wanted?

72654111607+36|β: Well, I did want to give my empathies concerning the great damage done to your realm.  But, I do have to admit to concerns over what whispers I’m hearing concerning the ruins of Boston.

33254111607+36|α: Oh?  Yes, the city was a complete mess even before the recycler spill.

43454111607+36|β: Yes, hmm.  Yes, that’s what concerns me.  My experts are telling me that this ‘spill’ of yours is going on too long to conform to their understanding of the technological limitations built into nano-machines.

04054111607+36|α: I’ve heard the same from mine, cousin.  Needless to say, they’re trying to find out why.

74154111607+36|β: You are certain of this?

04354111607+36|α: That they’re trying to find out why?  Quite.

54454111607+36|β: Hmm.  This is all very strange.  Relations are strained enough between the three worlds.  I don’t want lack of communication between the western wards weaken us any further.

14854111607+36|α: Naturally.

05054111607+36|β: Hmm.  So, yes… please keep me in the loop on what’s going on.

15254111607+36|α: Certainly.  I have family and assets both on the Boston quarantine as we speak, looking into this.

05554111607+36|β: Very well.  Good luck.

25654111607+36|α: Thanks.

[Burst channel closed]