— Burst archive between α(0aa9:0301:780c:c0a4) and β(0aa9:0301:32ac:0009) and γ(0aa9:0301:ffac:704b) filtered of all sensory tags:

10212091307+36|α: Where are they?

60412091307+36|β: [joins connection]

20512091307+36|β: Morning, Rear Admiral.

40712091307+36|α: That it is, Commander.  Have you heard from…

01012091307+36|γ: [joins connection]

61012091307+36|α: Nevermind.

21212091307+36|γ: Sorry, Rear Admiral.  I’m here.  Oh… greetings, Commander.

71512091307+36|α: Nevermind the formalities and niceties, Commanders.  I have an issue in Boston that needs immediate attention.

22112091307+36|β: Issue?

52112091307+36|γ: Iss… sorry.

32212091307+36|β: [dismissive hand gesture]

52312091307+36|α: Last evening’s tsunami may have breached containment on several of the city’s recycler guts.  The C.R. Robbins has been inspecting the ruins all morning, and already there are signs.  Not to mention, all forms of chemical spills, fires, and so on.

63512091307+36|γ: I see.

03612091307+36|β: Alright.

43712091307+36|α: I’m calling down a quarantine and general evacuation order, and I need at least half a dozen frigates to carry this out.  You two are the nearest posts I can find, so you’ll both be receiving further craft and personnel to be coordinated under you.

43712091307+36|β: Aye, Lady Rear Admiral.

23812091307+36|γ: Aye… but…

33912091307+36|α: But?  Is there a problem?

44112091307+36|γ: Only that I may be delayed.  I was on leave on the coast of Maine when the tsunami struck… away from my ship on what is now an island.  My frigate is still at least two hours away.  Lost a crewmember, as well.

65312091307+36|α: Sorry to hear that, Commander.  Still, that’ll have to do.  Just coordinate with those who will soon be assigned to you to make sure that I have at least six frigates over the city by midnight.

10513091307+36|β: Were there no Captains available?

20813091307+36|α: This is not a military maneuver, yet, Commander.  We’re just getting survivors out.  Most Captains are preoccupied with the Yucatani fronts.

51513091307+36|β: I suppose that makes sense.

21813091307+36|α: Rendezvous with my temporary command cruiser wherever and whenever you are best able.  I’ll have lists of subordinate craft to you as soon as I know what they are.

32613091307+36|γ: Aye!

62613091307+36|β: Aye!

52713091307+36|α: Thank you, Sirs.

22813091307+36|α: [terminates connection]

22813091307+36|β: So you lost one of yours, Sir Commander?

03113091307+36|γ: Yes, I’m afraid so.  Body’s recovered, though, thanks to a pair of natives.

63413091307+36|β: Oh.  Well that’s something.  I’ll see you when all this gets sorted out then.

53913091307+36|γ: See you.

34013091307+36|γ: [terminates connection]

[Burst channel closed]