Not so 'Up for sale!'

NOTE! I've got and unpublished all four episodes that were online with Amazon. Fear not for I've not abandoned the story by any stretch of the imagination. I'm simply perfecting it. It's good... it's okay... it'll be a lot better. This may take a while, but it'll take as long as it needs to take. What I am not sure about is whether or not I'll maintain the episodic methodology I've used to date, or compact this into a novel before moving on to the sequel. Comments, suggestions, critiques... welcome as always, thank you.

Boston Lost

Episode 5 is back! Sorry for the longer than anticipated rewrite. Most of the previous episodes merely got a polishing job, but this one really redid a lot, especially in chapters 23 through 25. Even if you've read these before, you will probably want to again. From here on out, though, this one delay should prevent all future ones. We can hope, no?

Special Thanks

I just wanted to make honorable mention of those who have helped me along the way. Chronologically, I should probably thank Rich Harriman for being a bit of a sounding board on my ideas, as well as injecting a few of his own. I don't know that any of them survived VERBATIM into the story but, more than a few times, they did spawn mutants that did. Angela Quintal and my Mother both helped with reading over and editing... and then editing my edits of their edits of my edits of their edits. Tinesha Mitchell and Katherine Morgan, then, helped me with concept sketches all the while.


— Burst archive between α(0d0e:1117:aa3e:5011) and β(88a2:fbf1:6702:b5cc) filtered of all sensory tags:

31154111607+36|α: I’m here, cousin.

61254111607+36|β: Ah, good.  I’d gone senseless for just a few to deal with a personal matter.

21554111607+36|α: No problem.  I didn’t wait long.  How does Europa fare these days?

71754111607+36|β: Are you asking after the tsunami?

31954111607+36|α: I suppose, and more generally as well.


— Burst archive between α(0aa9:0301:780c:c0a4) and β(0aa9:0301:32ac:0009) and γ(0aa9:0301:ffac:704b) filtered of all sensory tags:

10212091307+36|α: Where are they?

60412091307+36|β: [joins connection]

20512091307+36|β: Morning, Rear Admiral.

40712091307+36|α: That it is, Commander.  Have you heard from…

01012091307+36|γ: [joins connection]

61012091307+36|α: Nevermind.

Second Wave

— Burst archive between α(0aa9:0301:780c:c0a4) and β(0d0e:1117:aa3e:5011) and γ(0d0e:1117:aa3e:6b15) filtered of all sensory tags:

[Burst channel opened]

10522185807+36|α: You wanted something, sir?

70722185807+36|β: At any other time, Kyra… nevermind.  Yes, there’s been an incident.  

41222185807+36|α: Who is this?

01522185807+36|β: She… 

31522185807+36|γ: Ah, Hi.  I’m…

First Wave

— Burst archive between α(0d10:0210:001a:0ffc) and β(0d10:0210:06c8:2b99) filtered of all sensory tags:

[Burst channel opened]

23141171207+36|α: Hey!

71842171207+36|α: Hello?

02045171207+36|β: Sorry, was in the coffee room.

32445171207+36|α: Oh!  No problem.  Have you seen the seismic event marked sixteen dash six fifty one

32845171207+36|α: Um

53145171207+36|α: Thirty three seventeen twelve oh seven plus thirty six?

Yes, the Site is changing!

Just a heads up to any and all who have been stopping by to read the story... I've installed a content management system. With all the writing, I just don't care enough to build a system from scratch, but still need some of the features I want for the site itself. Drupal does reasonably well at this, as well as offering extensibility as well (i.e., I can edit how it works from the guts on up.) That is, if I ever get around to it.